Damen OSV 9020 is designed to perform a large variety of offshore tasks both at surface level and subsea. The US Army, Product Directorate, Army Watercraft Systems (PD AWS) is seeking industry input to refine requirements for Maneuver Support Vessel (Next) (MSV(N)), a new Medium/Heavy Lift/Landing Craft requirement. The vessel is designed to be highly efficient in its maneuvers of towing for long distances, assistance to other vessels, firefighting, anchor-handling, heavy cargo handling and oily re The design for the MSV(L) was developed in partnership with BMT following a detailed study of the Army's unique needs and the available design options fulfill those needs. Maneuver Support Vessel (Medium) •AWS: Maneuver Support Vessel (Heavy) •MRAP-VS: Medium Mine Protected Vehicle •Bridging: Joint Assault Bridge (JAB) •FSS: Force Provider •MEPS: Advanced Medium Mobile Power System (AMMPS) 5-60kW 248 -III Support tug designed to perform activities for the offshore industry. Maneuver Support Vessel (Light) or MSV(L) is the US Army’s replacement for the Landing Craft Mechanized 8 (LCM-8 or “Mike Boat”) that had been in service since 1959. This is an opportunity for industry to provide input and shape the requirements documents in addition to the acquisition strategy. She can be fitted with a moonpool-deployed saturation dive system, ROV systems, an offshore crane, a stern A-frame and an offshore access system. Trailers • Light Engineer Utility Trailer • Heavy Tactical Trailers • Palletized Load System ( Trailers & Enablers) Watercraft • Maneuver Support Vessel – Light (MSV-L) • Logistics Support Vessel • Landing Craft Utility • … Maneuver Support Vessel (Light) ... plans for a new family of military landing craft to be used by both the US Army and US Navy for water borne delivery of heavy assets. May 12, 2016; News; New Blood: U.S. Army set to order new vessels . In either situation, the option is dependent on a Maneuver Support Vessel (Light) The U.S. Army awarded Vigor the contract to build its new generation landing craft in the fall of 2017. This vessel will do both and provide a critical advantage in future operations. Last year, the agency announced that it would order a new series of vessels—up to 37 in total for about $450 million— known as the Maneuver Support Vessel (Light), MSV(L) for its watercraft fleet. The Maneuver Support Vessel-Light and the future Maneuver Support Vessel-Heavy proposals will give the future Joint Force Commander the option to either rapidly place ground forces onto the enemy’s shore from outside land-based observation or to feint such action to create opportunity elsewhere. Characteristics. https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/ship/msv-l.htm • Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck • Heavy Dump Truck Program.

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