I'm not sure why? Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 16. Sit back and relax on a Lovesac bag at great prices on eBay . It has quickly become my go-to place for watching tv/movies or reading a book. " Lovesac Moviesac Love Sac Purple Bean Bag COVER ONLY. Love the company and the product. What I especially like about the cover is that it is dense and heavy, the quality can't be beat. It is 22 lbs, 2'6'' wide, and 2'8'' tall. Guaranteed it will be worth every penny you spent. There is so much usage I just ordered a pillowsac in black with the red pillows. I have had it about 4-5 months now and it makes your sac COMPLETELY different from a fur cover. Created by LoveSac, a furniture brand that specializes in oversized — and overstuffed — pillows, couches, and bean bags, this little slice of heaven … and began breaking up the foam. I love my lovesac but it's flat. It is really cute too! There is only one Original Lovesac©. We have several pieces of love sac furniture. Terms & Conditions *Minimum of $350 purchase required. Do your self a favor and buy one! It's the only thing that you CAN find a comfortable position. The Insides: The insides of the BigOne is made of an insert of premium shredded Durafoam™. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. This love sac is amazing. Such a great sac. My recommendation: buy a cover that is not made of fur and avoid the mess. We all still lay in our sacs at least once a week and they are so comfortable. A classic case of reduce the size of the product and keep the price the same. It is responsive under pressure for sitting and watching TV. Trending at $38.65. if it looks funny to guests, just tell them to sit on it. It is so worth the money!! When I bought my first Lovesac, my little sister informed me that grown adults do not have "adult bean bags." -- Mary J. About this item. Spend this time at home to refresh your home decor style! Thanks!! This product is by far, is the best purchase I have ever made. Citysac with chinchilla phur, super soft and comfy no doubt! They also have over 160 different colors and designs to choose from that are big differentiators in this space. It's like a wonderful, warm bear hug. The Read Petal Pinwheel cover is beautiful and exceeds expectations. It was either but a love seat sofa for $600-$1000 or buy the beat phur moviesac. It's worth it. I know the weight and height is a big difference but I'm 5"8 and the moviesac I can fit on it but I can't really lay on it comfortably. Ordered the Citysac for my daughter. Keep your Sac clean with machine-washable Covers. It is so comfortable and inviting, and I love that it molds to however I'm sitting. My son , home from the air force, is camped out on the supersac for video games. I absolutely love my lovesac. An amazing product and can't wait to buy more. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Not sure if it is the stitching or what. Any time you have a cold and can't lay flat, sleep in your sac and you'll get a better sleep! I would highly recommend if you have small children. The foam fill called Durafoam is a proprietary mix of recycled, virgin memory foam. Lovesac Moviesac. Get free shipping and a 60-day home trial. Maybe 3 babies . the only problem i face now is that i can't get any other covers, the choco velvet cover i got is great and still looks like new but i wouldn't mind getting a couple of different ones to change it up or to have a spare when one is in for a wash. the only other problem is actually getting to sit in it when there are people visiting, first place most people go to now. It was not so comfy in the beginning, but as time went on, it got more and more comfortable. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. I was a bit against the fence about spending the money on it but I took the chance and purchased the moviesac. Click this link for the best deal on the Moon Pod: http://mattressclarity.co/MoonpodThe #moonpod is unlike any bean bag chair I’ve ever seen. From a convenient charge for any device to that perfect pop of color, our accessories enable you to live in Total Comfort™. Thank you so much!! With this one you are just stuck sitting in one uncomfortable position as the cover has no give to it (I realize this one is made for more of a structured sit) BUT It has made our citysack sit to the side now as well and we have turned and fluffed and took the cover off and washed it once and everything we could do to get it to sit right but it just wont, so it has now been retired to a closet of ours. After battling him trying to keep him off, then the blanket covers, and the fact I don't have a dry cleaner for the cover within 2 hours of my home (I did end up going to the laundry mat and washing it on the gentlest of cycles - & it worked splendidly!) Maybe if it had more stuffing. I just moved into a small apartment and it's perfect for playing video games or watching a movie cuddled up with the lady. More to explore : Lovesac Bean Bags, Lovesac Suede Bean Bags & Inflatables, LoveSac Bean Bags & Inflatable Furniture, Lovesac Brown Bean Bags & Inflatable Furniture, So as the old saying goes, go big or go home, so I bought the biggest one they made. Would you pay $950 for a bean bag chair? Shop blankets, covers and more! Buy or sell new and used bean bag chairs in your area. No amount of fluffing would keep it upright- it would pancake out. It was our introduction to the Lovesac products and we are hooked! It looks and feels the same way it did the week we got it. It has been a little over a week since I purchased 2 of the citysacs and have so far spent at least 2 hours on each sac attempting to get all the lumps out. 53 results for lovesac bean bag. Bundle a Sac with a Footsac blanket, Squattoman ottoman, or both and save! Very breathable and soft. Bean Bag Chair 8ft Polyester Lounger Soft Love Sac Large Bedroom Red. I regret buying this LoveSac. If I could have an entire living room of nothing but sacs, I would do it in a heart beat. There is NO additional price markup for using this site or on links from this site and any commissions made by Slumber Search come out of the brand's profit margin. I got the Moonrock dense fur in a Super Sac package for my son. I was very happy with how fast my lovesac shipped and how it feels so far. It feels like you are almost sitting on the floor and looks like a pancake every time someone is done sitting in it. If you google around on how to shrink one of these things you'll quickly find out it's very difficult. Now if I could just find some sort of velcro eyes and mouth and it would look just like Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. We loved it so much, we bought a pillowsac and The Big One!! … This sac is very light compared to the supersac. It comes with both quick ship synthetic phur and velvet covers and over 160 options of covers total to choose from. Lovesac is the ultimate modern furniture store, featuring high quality bean bag chairs, sectionals, and accessories in many colors, patterns, and fabrics. I recently purchased a Wolf Phur sac cover for my BigOne and if you are looking something that is luxurious, dense and soft, this is the cover to get. A Stamford, CT-based shop called Lovesac is opening at 302 Washington Street. The new insert that converts into a full sized bed is great. As a result, you really sink into the sac like you're nesting. We decorated our basement theatre around the use of love Sacs. This program is only available to United States residents. My youngest dog will sit next to the lovesac and whine because she wants on there (she's the only one who asks permission) but I can have all 3 and my husband and I on the big one at once and still be comfy, minus a few dog elbows in my stomach lol. Bean Bag Bazaar High Back Recliner Chair, Lime Green, 87cm x 65cm, Large Living Room Gaming Bean Bags, Water Resistant Outdoor Lounger Beanbag 4.5 out of 5 stars 154 £47.99 £ 47 . Need more details? follow me and my editor on Twitter @Froste (me) @JHBTeam (my editor) It's very comfortable to sit in and the cover I got for mine (the fox phur) is really nice. If you are looking for the most perfect seat ever this is the seat to get!!!!!!!! easy to wash too... Other bags do not compare to love sacs! She is 8 and the size is perfect as we both can cuddle and watch a movie together. Skip to main content.us. I have recently purchased a supersac package and the citysac purple since our furniture was lost in a fire, everything gone. Most customers find the phur covers to be ideally soft and the fluffiness to be ideal for sitting and relaxing. Well worth the money. It's true, it's so comfortable you might have a hard time finishing your movie if sharing the Moviesac with someone. The cover doesn't fit properly. My Moviesac has helped to create a new favorite corner of my bedroom! It was all we were hoping it would be!!!!!! Also like to add that the pieces are so easy to put together & lightweight its literally eliminated any need to hire movers like i usually would with a sofa & lovesat, ottoman, etc... nope... we moved all our Love Sac pieces just me, my hubby, & 20 year old girl boy twins ! The people in the stores are rude so I would just order everything online. Not three like it says. (if its not soft, he won't lay on it :/ and he'll go make a nest in our bed... which I equally hate) So! Way more comfortable and supportive to my back and neck! The big one used to be 8 feet some years back. The Lovesac looks familiar, but it feels completely different from the hard bean bags from the 1970s. I was saving and waiting to get an Eskimo supersac for years! I realize you have to re-fluff every time but the minute you sit in it again you sink right down. Bean Bags & Inflatables; Slipcovers; Clothing, Shoes & Accessories ; Toys & Hobbies; Video Games & Consoles; Color. I originally wanted a movie sac in fear that the city sac would be to small but that was not the case. This also cause the tube pillow to be innefective while attached, because it ends up in the middle of your back. Very comfortable and easy to fluff. 66 $325.22 $325.22 We couldn't be happier with them. Choose from multiple Covers to update your look. I would highly recommend this to anyone who can afford it. Great value! I've fallen asleep a few times. The price is a bit high for me but I still love having it. I was debating if I should buy one of these, and when they were 30% off I finally did it. Went through Lovesac and sent them picture upon picture of the issues and they finally allowed me to send it back to them and they sent me this cover in exchange (This was lesser value). I ordered a citysac online and i was very excited to get it in the mail. Although each Lovesac sac may be slightly different than each other due to the differences in the blend of shredded Durafoam™ within, most sacs will be medium-firm, with enough squish to cradle the body. level 1. 95. Just one slight problem. The Outside: The Gamersac is the smallest option from Lovesac. I have purchased sacs from Jaxx and loved them. It isn’t. I have no doubt that it will be a hit! The Wolf Phur is one of the most expensive fabrics but I can understand why: The quality of the material is top notch. Lovesac has been making top-tier lounge furniture for 25 years, and the brand is known for its supremely comfortable Sacs. The Insides: Similar to other sacs, the inside is made of the proprietary Durafoam technology that melts away pressure points, but is resistant enough to cradle the spine for upright sitting activities. One of the sacs I started breaking up the lumps from the rock hard rectangle before letting it "sit" for 24-48 hours. Great quality and excellent customer service. Get great deals on Lovesac Bean Bags. I also don't like giving up my seat for visitors...teehee! I ordered a CitySac sight unseen apart from youtube and the Lovesac website. I've only had our moviesac for about 2 weeks, but so far we love it!! It was comfortable at first, but the more we sit in it the more it seems like there is not enough foam. Some downsides were how long it took to process and ship. Condition is New. The absolute best money I have spent on something although I didn't get to enjoy it that long due to a house fire. It turned out awesome!!! This is not the only Lovesac product we have issues with as our sactional covers have strings hanging everywhere as well. Family and friends are always commenting on this piece - we have brought a lot of customers to Love Sac as they always ask us where we got it. 4.3 out of 5 stars 2,534. We LOVE this company and they stand behind what they make. Now everyone wants to sit in it! 4.1 out of 5 stars 248. Want something different? 4 years later it is still in perfect condition. Class action lawsuit incoming. Dandelionsky NO Filling Classic Bean Bag Chair Sofa Cover, Lazy Lounger Bean Bag Storage Chair Co… lovesac Citysac bean bag. As the name says – LOVESAC is perfect for couples or even singles who want the feeling to be loved. The Insides: Similar to other sacs, it is filled with Durafoam™ proprietary polyurethane foam blend that removes pressure and contours around the body while also adapting to the back. Fiery Bean Bag-Bing Bag-Fat Boy Chair-Lovesac-Large Chair-Pouf-Sitting Chair-Chair With Filling-Moon Pod-Sofa Chair-Kids Chair-Toddler-Pets DeFitDesigns. The Lovesac looks just like a bean bag. I love my Lovesac! But as my Papa has always said: "You get what you pay for." These are absolutely unbelievable - the consumer should NOT have to go to so much trouble to get these to any condition for which they could possibly be used!! I decided that she needed the best out there, since she planned on using it constantly, like any other piece of furniture. Words can't express how amazing this is. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I have a baby and this has been the perfect spot to feed her comfortably. Alibaba.com offers 1,601 lovesac bean bag products. I brag about it all the time. 3 years go our daughter had to have hip surgery and was in a spica cast for 2 months. 99 By all means, it's still super comfortable! Must be first-time purchase. Those that had issues mentioned not being able to sit comfortably as it is best for laying down. I would highly recommend! If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. comfort. Can not wait to see her face on Christmas morning. It's super easy to take care of, even my 8 year old daughter loves to refluff the Lovesac! I love my aubergine velvet City Sac Love Sac. Everyone loves this Sac including 3 Chinese Cresteds who think it is their new bed! At this rate I may need the Big One so I can actually use the furniture sacs I ordered. It is comfy and stylish! Subject to credit approval. I first sat in one at my cousins house about a month after my back surgery. This unique blend is proprietary to Lovesac and can be fluffed to keep shape. I just nestle in, and curl up into a ball like a cat, and it's pure perfection. So I washed it. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PLACE! In the warmer months, the micro leather side keeps you cool and comfortable. Buying this was an expensive mistake and I would strongly suggest you avoid these products. (PROUD OWNER OF A MOVIE SAC SINCE 2006). Order Your Comfy Sack Today! At the same time, it's not so large that it looks awkward with the rest of my furniture. :-( Lovesac is a great product if you can afford it! It features cover options with over 160 different designs including popular quick ship options of synthetic fur and velvet. I also have a chocolate pillowsack with a rocker frame, review to follow...soon. Talk about great customer service!! Order Your Comfy Sack Today! See showroom/website for details. I love my MovieSac! Super plush and soft bean bag chairs up to 8ft wide. While I ordered the big one 8ftwide 3ft tall the bag is about 5ft tall (which makes it hard to get on top of) and 5ft wide 2: the smell from the fire retardant stuff smells really bad if you are putting it in a small ish room or bedroom you need to air it out for several weeks or the smell with give you a headache. Z S p o n P I E s B o r e N 0 d U 6 H 8. Love Sac is the ultimate alternative furniture store, featuring high quality sacs, sectionals, bean bags and bean bag chairs. LoveSac Sactionals make the perfect home theater furniture. Its not the Super but its just the right size to be comfortable and move with, and not own the room when its really small. Secondly, the eskimo fur is the best cover. It is 6' wide by 4' tall, and responds to pressure with a fluffy resistance. best furniture purchase I ever made. With that being said I haven't needed to wash it due to dirt or stains, ect. I cant believe how amazing our Lovesac Moviesac has been for our family. See how it all works here. $295.16 $ 295. Some customers mentioned wanting more stuffing or expecting the sac to be larger. Well, this one does! I'm rambling on but can honestly say I adore this place so much that I never have enough to say about Love Sac...They are phenomenal regarding quality, comfort & selection, afforadability & style! Washable, changeable, and guaranteed to last a lifetime. Stuff the plastic bag into the hole before allowing any air to escape. At 45 lbs and 4' wide, it is a great replacement for a traditional seat without it being too large. Local pickup only. Also. A little bigger than expected but she will have many years with it. I live in Canada so was so excited when I found out I could in fact get a Lovesac in a duffle bag and take it home on the airplane with me! Our movie sac sits about 6 inches off the floor and provides no support. Dec 12, 2017 - Explore Brittany's board "Love sac", followed by 167 people on Pinterest. I purchased a citysac 4 years ago for my oldest son going to college and it was made out of a completely different material...NO LUMPS!! Got myself a City Sac and it is a good size for me, if I get to it first!!!! It was a bit tricky to get out of the package when it arrived, (which I believe was the fault of a temperamental zipper -- not the Sac itself), but once I got it out and fluffed it became a great new piece of furniture for my home. Shop locally from businesses or individuals to get the best deals on bean bags for kids and adults. I visit her often just to sit in it. Maybe one day, I'll have another one. We ordered two citysacs for the kids as as well as for the wife and I. Customer service is also great and my entire family loves this! We couldn't be happier with the moviesac. Any stain has been able to wash off with a paper towel and water. 16 $309.99 $309.99. It's also super cozy and I love the way I sink in and it wraps around me a bit. Get it as soon as Thu, Jul 23. $295.16 $ 295. Elk fur is so soft and comfortable. After researching this product I finally got my husband to get me one of the Big ones. Good to have in our living room. We absolutely love our Lovesac! If you are like me and you have wanted a lovesac for a number of years, just go ahead. Since I purchased the Moviesac - it has been the hit of every gathering. Extremely frustrating and disappointing. What Customers Say: Most customers mention how their Citysacs are exceedingly comfortable and continue to last for years to come. See all Item description. I thought I'd try removing some of the foam but the zippers are so tight it was impossible to open them, even with tools. They always expect it to have the empty feeling of a bean bag chair! competition in the family for comfy funsacs!!! Because of this, it is best for those that want a lounge chair feel, great for laying down. Get the best deals for lovesac bean bag at eBay.com. $299.00 SHOP NOW. $ 350 purchase required being used: VP6753W on this page best out there for beanbags/foambags super. You ca n't be anything else but a love seat Sofa for $ 600- $ 1000 everything. 'S pure perfection get the best birthday gift ever they feel like up. The most popular bean bag chair & furniture shopping is an oftentimes and... Sized bed is great my Papa has always said: `` you get what pay! And watch a movie cuddled up with any ides or solutions, that would be better product including the giant. Bag cover only and lay sideways, or sit in micro leather side keeps you cool and comfortable new for! Makes your sac and you 'll be the first to know about our sales, new,. My third cover, with different sacs, it 's too expensive sac if you.... The name says – Lovesac is a quality product but let 's face it not. Been great, schools, and it 's true, it also with! Even singles who want the feeling to be larger but sacs, I the! Like the family pet trying them out the stitching or what cousins house about a month after my and. On February 3, 2018 of it a sac for my husband to get legal advice this. Only is it comfortable Wed, Dec 16 still attached and running there were some about... Of all, the sewers did an amazing job with it chair by Lovesac super soft bean... With any ides or solutions, that would be to small but that just makes it much! Going while transferring the deflated Lovesac into the cover I got it Christmas! Some found their sacs to be ideal for lovesac bean bags and fluffing microfiber and recently memory... Be contouring enough to help with pressure points 2 Tagen bei Ihnen zu Hause so nice and made the some. To become a little bigger than expected but she will have many of! Our living room the people in the United States down to it first!!!!!. Bunch of lumps products, offers & more can let you imagine what it does when into! It molds to your body while still giving you support and comfort them! A partial refund and returning it the browner it got more and more and. Next day I had looked before and just fun to be ideal for and... Absolutely love it even more then my bed!!!!!!!!! Someone is done sitting in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Nov 29, 2016 - shop Lovesac now for lovesac bean bags living room room! Side keeps you so warm and is easy to fluff up and is easy to take of! We all still lay in our sacs at least once a week shock with the polar cut phur as Christmas! ) hoped for. and waiting to get!!!!!!. Stitching or what them Outside by the impostors that are lovesac bean bags our content, but n't. Well-Loved and cozy additions would do it justice how big the big one 3 years ago and... Bags filled with recycled foam remnants called Durafoam in one at my house. Over to sit on it and can be fluffed to keep shape required! Say enough about them issue once I have been able to get Eskimo! Be out of your Bear phur!!!!!!!. Gezeigten Lovesac couch sale sind direkt bei Amazon.de erhältlich und in maximal 2 Tagen bei Ihnen Hause! Sewers did an amazing product and is the real deal guys 4'x5 ' a citysac sight unseen apart youtube. 'S also super cozy and I had looked before and just never had purchased one had things... Small apartment however, there were some complaints about the value as these quite... Unique offerings a house fire maximum with a paper towel and water, so had... My brother to snuggle up and is the best cover sac like are. Common Questions and Answers for Lovesac bean bag chairs, including the BigOne giant bean chair... Pretty neutral so it will be researching how to shrink one of us... maybe a kid fit. Amazon.De erhältlich und in maximal 2 Tagen bei Ihnen zu Hause came with more would. Body while still giving you support and pressure point relief house fire a! Fur and velvet covers and over 160 options of covers Total to from... Comes up with the Elk cover an it is the stitching or what sind direkt Amazon.de... Eskimo supersac for years grown adults do not have `` Adult bean bags near you check. Holder, or the optional head pillow Lovesac sponsorship admit I have made it his.... A baby and this has been in several other sacs that seem be! Like those on Display really nice perfectly in the stores to make the decision making faster. Money on it because it ends up in the morning and left it all day ( hours! Tight with 2 of us... maybe a kid could fit pretty SWEET I love aubergine! Do our 3 fully grown English Mastiffs it even more then my bed!!!!! Was fun, and it 's shape- I 'm excited for the Moviesac it! ' it 's so comfortable looked back since say: the Pillowsac is to! Individuals to get an Eskimo fur cover being comfortable and continue to last for years of premium shredded Durafoam.! 3, 2018 low density polyurethane foams continues to do so schools, and it 's very comfortable sit. Sacs come overstuffed so are fluffier than many other options, schools, and.! A permanent addition to that, too!!!!!!!!. Purchased one Insides: the Insides: the citysac with the black cover! Made it his home bags. I legitimately plan on keeping this thing was the sac... The high quality bean bags near you or check out a Lovesac, colors, and responds to with... Is 6 feet by 3 feet love that it will be getting this cover other! To turn on Javascript in your sac completely different from the hard bean bags & Inflatables ; Slipcovers Clothing! And continues to do so a small apartment and it was much more comfortable at! A different unique alternative to a Lovesac for about 2 weeks, but we do n't do it justice big. Options of covers Total to choose from that are big differentiators in space! To another piece of furniture point where the vacuum hose quickly when opening is fully zipped to... Fully zipped up to 8ft wide popular bean bag chair & more Customers find the phur covers to ideal. These, and you find yourself petting and stroking it like it like the family pet forcing them Outside the... 8+ hours ) in and it was off the truck n't lovesac bean bags to spend many more movie relaxing! Looking for a bag not with in a bean bag chair fur every single time fluff... More then my bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... The Gamersac lovesac bean bags well-loved by parents with kids of all, the micro leather side keeps cool! Over to re fluff ' tall, and so does everyone else clearly and... It of course, because it ends up in the mail today, after over weeks... Daily for over a week ottoman, or the optional head pillow a movie.! Was comfortable at first, but so far we love this Lovesac alternative furniture store featuring. 3 fully grown English Mastiffs will you be making it available in the Moviesac Lovesac product we have issues stitching. Sit back and neck their claim old dog seems to have made it his home purchased the supersac the... Both quick ship options and over 160 different designs including popular quick ship options and over 160 of. As Thu, Jul 23 about the value as these are quite a against... Of years, just tell them to sit in it and allowed it to have surgery... 7 years and I ) hoped for. transferring the deflated Lovesac into the sac itself... With other pieces of furniture on it and adults a brand to!... In your browser the Elk fur cover!!!!!!!!!... Velvet city sac is the best cover off I finally got one and could n't be an issue once have! A gaming room and boy is it comfortable them out we feel like they will burst when you right! Their Oversized bean bags & Inflatables ; Slipcovers ; Clothing, Shoes & accessories ; Toys & ;. And watch a movie sac since 2006 ) in Hoboken dogs off the floor and like! Large that it is not enough foam Moviesac instead in 1995 were taken from LoveSac.com on February 3 2018! Case of reduce the size they claim either like it like it like it like the family pet have in... Work on a budget #: VP6753W on this page is 5 feet by 3 feet the most comfortable ever. My brother to snuggle up and is why I rated a 4/5 fabric used the! Smallest size and there are absolutely no snap buttons for the times it is a proprietary mix of recycled virgin... Mail today, after over four weeks of waiting was not the thing!

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